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The 2017 Write Your Own Adventure planner inspired me to be more organised and driven to achieve my goals. Often once you use a product, you often realise there are improvements that can be made, and most of the time, these suggestions fall on deaf ears. Not only does the planner for 2018 embrace those… Read more »

So much of our lives these days are spent staring at screens. So it’s lovely to have something that is tangible, present, personal and private. That’s why I adore my Emma Kate Co planner. I can scrawl in random thoughts, keep track of where I’m going (and reflect on where I have been), plan holidays,… Read more »

We love using the planner. It helps us stay motivated, and inspires us to kick goals and smash our to-do list. We love the combination of weekday and weekend columns with plenty of room to track everything that’s most important for us, from tasks and appointments to upcoming bills and weekend adventures. We look back… Read more »

I was so excited to get my hands on the Emma Kate Co. 2017 planner, making it a year I was going to keep on top of organising my life! I can honestly say, this is the first year I have made a marked effort to continue in using my planner and it has made such a… Read more »

As a Personal Assistant, a mum of 3 under 6, P&C class rep, playgroup secretary, Church crèche carer and wife, to say things are hectic is an understatement! My 2017 planner was the most beautiful way to keep on top of everything, its travelled everywhere with me and suited me both personally and professionally. I… Read more »

I love to hold it in my hands; it feels like a treasure that contains all my thoughts and dreams. The quality of the planner and the luxurious packaging it comes in are both so full of love. The 2017 planner was an absolute delight to use and so practical as I took it everywhere… Read more »


Beyond any of my expectations. Thank you so much for creating this gorgeous piece of art that I get to carry around with me all year. The attention to detail with every little piece of this project; from your communication, the packaging and of course, the actual planner is a true lesson on how to… Read more »

I spend a great deal of time each year making a decision about my paper diary for the following year, and yours is the first in a long time that makes a significant diversion from the standard offering. I love your attention to detail and I really can’t wait to add ink to paper. Thank… Read more »

This is the people’s planner. Its look, feel and materials are unparalleled but it’s the quotes and design that make this more than a planner – it’s a lifestyle. The design process has been flawless and the relevant feedback from around the world has been incorporated into this new year. You can see the change… Read more »

Hong Kong is a sensory overload – chaotic and energising, it’s a buzzing metropolis where East meets West. If you’ve been to Hong Kong before, you’ll know the immediate intensity of this city – the sticky summers and foggy, fresh winters; the bright colours, sounds and people colliding from every which-way, in a beautiful kind of symphony.

During my weekend in Queenstown with Olympus, we were lucky to be privy to a couple of photography workshops run by two photography experts that I admire and respect: perpetual traveller (and one of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet) Lisa Burns of The Wandering Lens – and natural light portrait & family photographer Rachel Devine of Sesame… Read more »

2017, in one word you were BIG. Full of love, creativity, joy, wins, lessons, far-flung adventures and SO very much hard work. It was definitely a year of non-stop leap taking, and stepping way outside every comfort zone I knew – from hiring my first employee and welcoming Zalie to the team, to speaking on… Read more »