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You know when you meet someone amazing, and you’re totally inspired but simultaneously having a conversation in your head that goes something like, “can she stop being so amazing… she’s totally showing the rest of us up!”  It’s not just me, right? Jessica Ruhfus of Collabosaurus is exactly this type of powerhouse – but so genuine and beautiful… Read more »

You know those moments in life when you’re totally, completely, utterly in it? The whole of your world is still, and light, and you’re soaking up the right now in its fullest beauty? That was me two mornings ago, sitting cross-legged on the train station pavement, basking in warm, early-morning Queensland ‘winter’ sunshine, with Clair de Lune pounding through my… Read more »

Claude Monet famously said “I must have flowers, always and always,” – and he was obviously onto something. Flowers say what words cannot. They tell joy, love, sympathy, stories. Flowers make days. Looking for some beautiful flowers to gift? (even if it’s for YOU – I won’t tell.) In no particular order, here’s your go-to list of 10 great… Read more »

Inspired by my beautiful friend Leah + her recent visit to Iceland, I dug out my own travel journal from Iceland, circa June 2013. Amazing memories flooded back and I’m inspired to share this writing with you now. Let’s step back in time, to this fascinating country that stole my heart. Almost two years on, I’m still yearning to… Read more »

Did you hear? Last week, Jaclyn @ Blog Society and I announced an exciting collaborative venture for April – we’ve launched a global social media initiative in the name of wellbeing. We’ve called it: a Collective Celebration of Self-Care. And, it’s time to reveal our quote for week two! Our message this week is wildly simple, pretty potent and also,… Read more »

This week, I’m thrilled to introduce you to someone who is just as gorgeous as the flowers she gathers and creates with.Tucked away in Adelaide’s East End is a new florist that is brightening days around Adelaide in grand proportions, and simultaneously sending local Instagramers into a bit of a spin. Meet Justine Ellbourn, the… Read more »

This week I’m thrilled to introduce you to a beautiful friend of mine, with a luminous spirit that’s impossibly infectious. Meet Leah Davies: purpose-filled writer, human rights activist and coach for budding wordsmiths. Her beautiful site and blog, Paper Planes Connect, is a place to celebrate our difference and to unite in our sameness. Leah writes to… Read more »

This week’s rainbow chaser has me all tickled pink raspberry. Meet Alana Wimmer: founder and creative director of the digital publishing house, Raspberry Stripes, and the stunning digital publication Raspberry Magazine. Alana works with lady entrepreneurs to design eBooks that create positive change and also blogs about eBooks and running a business. I met Alana for the first time on… Read more »